Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mind Numbing

If there is anything I hate more in TV Land, it's horrible programs like the OC and everything related to it. I'm sitting in class and I'm overhearing other students praise the awesomeness that these and reality TV shows are. Ugh.. I honestly can't believe people watch these kinds of shows.

Anyhow, we are getting into doing double takes for our animation class. I'm watching my Looney Tunes DVDs for some inspiration, and I noticed John K's blog mentioned Tex Avery's genius of doing the perfect double take. We are going to try and do inanimate objects doing these double takes. I just have to figure out a decent inanimate object. I have a feeling this is going to be pretty hard. The object has got to walk into frame, turn to look at something, look back continue walking, then do the double take but completely turn the object and make it wacky. Stretching, squashing it, spinning it, as long as it's "looney" I suppose.

So now I got to find that kind of double take. I agree with John K saying it seems like Tex Avery made cartoons just for the double takes. I just have to find something similar for reference. I can vaguely remember some Bugs Bunny cartoons where he walks along looking depressed, looks at something, then does a double take of it. I'll just have to try and find it.

Anyone have any advice on double takes? I'd much appreciate it :)

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