Saturday, August 23, 2008

Doodles o Doodley

This is all I do in my down time while I'm working. I tear off a pad of paper and start drawing things around me for practice. I need some more practice with human anatomy though. I really need to take some classes for it :P

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kinkos Issues

Alright, so after dinner I went to Kinkos to print out my final project. The guy tells me he can't print them at the moment because there's someone ahead of me and they are printing on the same machine that does the wide format printing and they are doing like a few thousand copies. So I ask if I could leave the pictures there and come back in a little while to pick them up. He said sure and he took my thumbdrive to receive the pictures. He takes a look at the pictures and tells me he won't print them for me due to copyright laws. I was shocked and angry. Sure, I understand about that but it's not like I'm going to give these to a bunch of people, sell them, or use them in any way to benefit myself except for a grade. He still tells me he won't do them. I tell him, "Look, I don't have a wide format printer. I need this printed tonight so I can work on it and turn it in for a grade for my FINAL tomorrow morning." He ignores my pleas and tells me he won't print them anyway.

So in a cross mood, I think about my options. I want to call Joe and ask him what I should do, but I don't have anyone's number that would be able to help me out. I figured I would just go in early to the student printer center at CSUN and have them do it and I could rush through everything putting it together. My brother recommended we go to Staples, but I wasn't sure if we would have the same issues or not. Instead, we went across the street to Officemax where they were more than happy to help me out and make 2 copies so I could construct one brochure together and keep the others as just a flat layout.

So thanks to Officemax I got my work done. And if anybody is curious, Hewlett Packard has a great cheap wide format printer on sale over there for $249.99 and it does for the largest 13x19 format printing. The ink is cheap and the machine seems pretty solid. I may purchase one for myself because I'm tired of all the hassle.

Last Week

I'm practically done with my project, just gotta work on the front page a bit. As for the projects that are due today, I haven't completed them to the exact detail.. but I don't think it really matters as long as we know the process of it all. Otherwise I'd like to concentrate on our project more. The front page is becoming a bit of a hassle to complete because I can't find any animation desks I can use and make a rough draft drawing of the Looney Tunes intro on it. Most of them are too small or not at the right angle. I'd take a picture of it myself, but I'm afraid I don't know where to go to take a picture of one. That, and it's due tomorrow and I have hardly any time to go taking a bunch of pictures, edit the lighting, and make them perfect to just work with.

And with that, after class ends tomorrow I'll have.. what, half a week to enjoy my summer? I kinda wanted to go camping this week, but I doubt my fiancee has the time off to do it. We might hit Descanso Gardens for more pictures. Speaking of which, we got free tickets to go to a concert over the weekend. It ended up being a Pop-jazz concert which we weren't expecting. We got there late and we had to sneak into the front row during a pause in the music. There were at least 800 people at the gardens there to watch the concert. We left about 20 minutes after we got there because we couldn't stand the conductor's over annunciation of every word, her cocky attitude about how great she was, and the music itself just wasn't what we expected. How nice would it have been if it were classical music being played in the gardens at dusk? It would've been marvelous.. oh well. :/

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Warner Bros. Cartoons Time line

So I decided to do a time line on Warner Bros. Cartoon Studio in it's golden age to when they shut down and developed Warner Bros. Animation Studio. I've learned quite a bit about the studio and some new information on the animators. Overall, I'm really enjoying this project. For the past two days I've been working on this brochure and grabbing snapshots from the many Looney Tunes DVDs that I have so I can place them in the brochure. Today was the critique of our rough drafts and I got some good reviews I suppose you could say. I'll post up what I have. Keep in mind it's a brochure. I will try to describe how it should fold.. So first you have the cover page(The cover page on the picture is white, I'm still working on it). Then you open it up and you see two pages there that fold out (These two pages are the pictures of the infamous Looney Tunes main screen with Bugs Bunny laying on the Warner Bros logo). So these two pages would open up and inside there is a large 4 page layout (This is the large 4 white spread). And the back of the brochure is Bugs Bunny sitting in the traditional Looney Tunes drum that Porky Pig would normally bust out of.

Somebody asked me why I just didn't use Porky, and I just think using Porky to end the brochure would be a little over done. So instead I have him on the inside brochure where it ends. I dunno, something different. I like all the red too.

Friday, August 8, 2008


So our next project is on the horizon, and it's about a timeline. This really got my head working, maybe I'll do it on airplanes, muscle cars, or animation.. I still can't decide. Animation sounds like it'd be fun, but I know more about muscle cars.. for now. I gotta do my research though, and maybe I'll find some inspiration tomorrow at Disneyland. I'm sure I will though. I think Disney really started the animation progress that made way for Warner Brothers. It's so funny how different both companies were and yet how alike they were.

Well, we'll see. And if anybody has a Facebook or Myspace account, be sure to add me. I'd like to stay in contact with everybody after class is over.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Final Renditions

Well, I finally finished up the posters. I kept the theme of a comic book cover with all of them so they could relate. I tried to switch it up, but I figured if I had done different text and different shapes with the other posters it wouldn't have looked as if they were alike or were related in any way.

So here we are, I'm happy with how they turned out. I went to the print center on campus and they really messed up on what I wanted, so I went to Kinkos and had it done there. I thought the quality turned out much better than at the printer center. Just throwing that out there! :P Here are the posters.

The Incredibles

Finding Nemo


Monday, August 4, 2008

What I Got

Thanks to my busy work schedule I didn't get a lot of time to work on my posters, so I stayed up all night to work on them so they'll be presentable to the class for critique. Tell me what you think, I know there's room for improvement on them and i really would like some feedback.