Friday, August 8, 2008


So our next project is on the horizon, and it's about a timeline. This really got my head working, maybe I'll do it on airplanes, muscle cars, or animation.. I still can't decide. Animation sounds like it'd be fun, but I know more about muscle cars.. for now. I gotta do my research though, and maybe I'll find some inspiration tomorrow at Disneyland. I'm sure I will though. I think Disney really started the animation progress that made way for Warner Brothers. It's so funny how different both companies were and yet how alike they were.

Well, we'll see. And if anybody has a Facebook or Myspace account, be sure to add me. I'd like to stay in contact with everybody after class is over.

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Simon Younesi said...

Both sound extremely interesting. Muscle cars vs animation sounds like a tough decision =(.

I'm not too familiar with muscle cars unfortunately but I do like to watch a certain TV show about cars called "Top Gear".

Animation would be a total geekfest for me and I'm sure a lot of others in the class.

Patrick Seery said...

I'm leaning towards Animation the more I think about it. This way I can really have some fun with the layout without having to make it look too professional.

Ah yes, Top Gear is a great show. I used to watch Fifth Gear a lot, but Top Gear is pretty humorous.

If I did decide to do Animation, I think I'd like to do it on either Walt Disney, Warner Bros, or Hanna Barbara. Which are you doing?