Thursday, August 14, 2008

Warner Bros. Cartoons Time line

So I decided to do a time line on Warner Bros. Cartoon Studio in it's golden age to when they shut down and developed Warner Bros. Animation Studio. I've learned quite a bit about the studio and some new information on the animators. Overall, I'm really enjoying this project. For the past two days I've been working on this brochure and grabbing snapshots from the many Looney Tunes DVDs that I have so I can place them in the brochure. Today was the critique of our rough drafts and I got some good reviews I suppose you could say. I'll post up what I have. Keep in mind it's a brochure. I will try to describe how it should fold.. So first you have the cover page(The cover page on the picture is white, I'm still working on it). Then you open it up and you see two pages there that fold out (These two pages are the pictures of the infamous Looney Tunes main screen with Bugs Bunny laying on the Warner Bros logo). So these two pages would open up and inside there is a large 4 page layout (This is the large 4 white spread). And the back of the brochure is Bugs Bunny sitting in the traditional Looney Tunes drum that Porky Pig would normally bust out of.

Somebody asked me why I just didn't use Porky, and I just think using Porky to end the brochure would be a little over done. So instead I have him on the inside brochure where it ends. I dunno, something different. I like all the red too.

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