Monday, August 18, 2008

Last Week

I'm practically done with my project, just gotta work on the front page a bit. As for the projects that are due today, I haven't completed them to the exact detail.. but I don't think it really matters as long as we know the process of it all. Otherwise I'd like to concentrate on our project more. The front page is becoming a bit of a hassle to complete because I can't find any animation desks I can use and make a rough draft drawing of the Looney Tunes intro on it. Most of them are too small or not at the right angle. I'd take a picture of it myself, but I'm afraid I don't know where to go to take a picture of one. That, and it's due tomorrow and I have hardly any time to go taking a bunch of pictures, edit the lighting, and make them perfect to just work with.

And with that, after class ends tomorrow I'll have.. what, half a week to enjoy my summer? I kinda wanted to go camping this week, but I doubt my fiancee has the time off to do it. We might hit Descanso Gardens for more pictures. Speaking of which, we got free tickets to go to a concert over the weekend. It ended up being a Pop-jazz concert which we weren't expecting. We got there late and we had to sneak into the front row during a pause in the music. There were at least 800 people at the gardens there to watch the concert. We left about 20 minutes after we got there because we couldn't stand the conductor's over annunciation of every word, her cocky attitude about how great she was, and the music itself just wasn't what we expected. How nice would it have been if it were classical music being played in the gardens at dusk? It would've been marvelous.. oh well. :/

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