Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So here it is, the finished product. It isn't what i expected when I first started it, but I like it. If i were to go back and try using the real photos, I would probably have actual pictures of someone that I would take and alter myself. I can't deal with these stock photos.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome, good job. The figure is engaging, effective scaling and coloration, and the logo has been great from the start. Can't really think of anything to add to this, but someone else may have an issue with the white space at the top. I think its okay hehe

Anonymous said...

The tagline gives the piece that little extra boost, wish i would have thought of that before i finalized my design! overall quality concept

Ryan F

Patrick Seery said...

Thanks, credit goes to Joe for suggesting the gradients which really makes it look smoother and almost three dimensional. It was funny because I was just playing around with the idea of just making abstract figures and I think it worked out extremely well.

I'm also happy with the font face, I'll have to remember which I used before class tomorrow so I'll be ready for that question if it comes up.

MelmoTheGreat said...

In my opinion I think that everything is balanced. Adding the text on the white space makes it look better. From what we saw I think the gradients also look better, and by putting the logo on the right lower corner was a good idea.