Thursday, July 31, 2008

Film Festival Update

Hey all, I thought I'd update everyone (anyone) on the film festival posters that I'm doing. I talked with Justin on our field trip to the Ventura Printing place and he also wanted to do Tarantino. We discussed ideas we had, and we both decided that we would do some thumbnails for all the movies we wanted to do and let Joe decided which ones were working for us.

I came up with some ideas for Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, and Kill Bill 2. While I was in the hospital with Mandy and her mom, I came up with an idea for Reservoir Dogs.

I thought it looked awesome. If you haven't seen the movie or have seen the movie and just don't understand, it's the ties and names that were given to the guys doing the robbery job. Each guy got a name, which was a color. Except for Mr. Blonde. so i just put a dirty blonde color in there. I know some people will call fowl because there were 6 members in the team and not 5. But you know what, Tarantino was not added because he's a director and not an actor :P So we had.. Mr. White, Mr. Pink, Mr. Orange, Mr. Blue, Mr. Blonde.. and Tarantino was Mr. Brown.

I had some ideas for Kill Bill, but I wanted it all to look kind of like what I had for Reservoir Dogs. Mandy had the brilliant idea of suggesting the use of snakes, because each of the members on this assasination squad was named after a snake. Best of all, there were 5 of them! Just like the Reservoir Dogs ties that I had posted up. So I was going to do something like that. But I had also made a ton of Pixar sketches to do just in case.

Joe looked at both my Pixar and Tarantino films and he loved my Pixar sketches more so than the Tarantino. I was fine with the decision, infact, I think I'll really enjoy doing the Pixar films over the Tarantino. So I told Justin he can do Tarantino, so I am curious what he comes up with.

I am going to scan in my Pixar sketches when I get home, but the idea for all of them would be taking a real picture of the scenario to give it a 3-D feel without it being made on a computer. Of course I'll touch it up in Photoshop, but I like idea and so does Joe.


So I'm at home now, here are some sketches I came up with for the Pixar Film Festival which I am calling "Pix Flix"

Here's one for The Incredibles

And some for Finding Nemo


david santos said...

Excellent work and nice picture!!!
Have a nice day.

Patrick Seery said...

Thanks much David :) I'll post up my Pixar sketches when I get home.