Friday, July 11, 2008

Stop the Presses!

I think I came up with my favorite Icelandic/Denmark Winter Olympics logo so far.

See?? It's a viking ship and the Olympic Rings make up the Shields that are normally along the side of it. Brilliant!


trevor said...

What does 'Reykjavik' mean?

- trevor.

Patrick Seery said...

Reykjavik is the capital city in Iceland. We have to make the city clear in our logo kinda like how they do it when the other cities put in their bid for the next Olympics with their logo.

Have you seen London's? The first one I didn't really care for. It looks really outdated. Then this new one they came up with looks ridiculous. I know the trend is all 80's, but yuck.

Here's the first one

And the "New" one.

trevor said...

Hey, be nice to London. That's where a good deal of my family lives. Limey gits though they may be.

And hey, thanks for putting me in the links! I feel honored to be mentioned and in the same space as Vincent!

Thanks for the comment too, Patrick!

- trevor.

PS: What's the meaning of your blog's name?

Patrick Seery said...

Hm I dunno, I figured a blog is sort of like what a word bubble is to a cartoon character. Everything they say is documented after all :)

And no problem at all, the more the merrier!