Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oslo Complete

Well after tinkering with it, I have made the final version. After some critiques in class, I changed it a bit so people could see the viking ship more clearly. I could see the ship pretty well, but if nobody else can then we have a problem. After changing it, I asked Joe if I should add some wave effects to it. He told me to send him a picture through AIM or email and he would give his input when he sees it. After altering it, I was pretty happy with how it was turning out. He liked it too, so here we are on the final print of my Oslo logo.

I'm off to the printing center to get it printed on an 11x17inch wide paper so I can turn it in on Thursday. I already have some sketches of what I may do for the poster so I'll post them later.


0boro said...

I can definately see the ship with no problem now, it looks really good!

Patrick Seery said...

Thanks Kim :)