Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Poster Ideas

So here are some of the ideas I've come up with. First it's a poster I took straight out of my sketching.

To be fair, I didn't have a lot of time to work on this. So I know the font still needed to be experimented with and the overall look of it needed to be improved. From here I moved onto this one.

I was getting a little tired of having this realistic look and then using brushes and textures to play with it to try and make it how I want it to be. I wish I had someone who actually had some ski goggles, a mask, and a large jumper I could take pictures of to get the exact picture I want rather than settling. Anyway, at this point I wanted to play with Illustrator.

I liked it, much better. I'd probably crop some of it out though and work on it. This got me inspired to do something more abstract, and I looked for a speed skater up close. Unfortunately.. like usual.. I couldn't find what I was looking for. But I found this picture, and I thought it may work well after I made it abstract. Here are my renditions of it.

I really like how it came out, but I changed it up a bit a few times and I think I like this one more.

And in a bit I'll be off to class to see what everyone else thinks.


Anonymous said...

Patrick, I really like the direction that you are taking with these posters, and your work process is very similar to my own. I usually start out in photoshop, become discouraged when I can't achieve what I was imagining (not saying you didn't hit the mark on those first 2), then switch over into illustrator for vector stuff. Abstract illustrations usually work well, but then I start thinking 'I need something grounding, like a photograph or a person's face', and it drives me nuts. Although all of your images are great, my favorite is the second one.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, these are all excellent poster concepts, but my favorite is the second one. I like the realistic approach, it is more effective in my opinion, and you can pull it off! Your workflow is identical to mine, I start with a high concept photoshop idea, then slowly but surely mess with things till I'm in illustrator with an abstract vector piece. You should do a series with these

-Ryan Foster

Patrick Seery said...

Thanks Ryan, I wasn't happy with the obvious look from the real deal to how the reflections were turning out on the goggles. I pursued with the last one and Joe really liked it. I'll post up the final now and show it off with what I did.