Monday, July 28, 2008

Final Decision

So i made up my mind, and I'll be doing the Tarantino Film Festival. I might work on the name. But the movies I'll be doing are hm.. I think I just changed my mind on one of them, but I'll be doing Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs, and either Pulp Fiction or Boondock Saints.

I'd post some pictures, but i just got word that my fiance's sister is in the emergency room right now so I have to book it over to her place ASAP.


trevor said...

There's a Tarantino Film Festival?!? FINALLY!

Is it movies that have already been purchased, or can you submit films? Because I have the perfect film and I think he'd dig it.

- trevor.

Patrick Seery said...

Oh no no, it's just a project for us to do posters. We make up whatever movies we wanna do but they all have to relate in some way :)